Saturday, February 11, 2012


kat tv3 tengah show cerita ni, tak kisah berapa kali pon memang best tengok. aku kat opis lagi ni. kejap lagi balik layan la. heee. sukenyer. sume pon da tau cite ni pasal apa. just aku cut & paste je lah ea sinopsis die. p/s: malas betul nak taip. heee

Rahul Khanna (Shahrukh Khan) and Anjali Sharma (Kajol) are best friends at St. Xavier's college. Anjali is a tomboy, which is the main reason why Rahul is her best friend - Anjali gets increasingly annoyed with Rahul hitting on the other women all the time because, unknown to Rahul, she is in love with him. The principal, Mr. Malholtra (Anupam Kher) informs Anjali that his daughter Tina (Rani Mukherji) is arriving at St. Xavier's from Oxford University in England and requests that Anjali takes care of her. When Tina arrives, Rahul is instantly attracted to her. One day in class, Rahul says that love is friendship and that he shall only love a girl if she is his best friend. This makes Anjali believe that Rahul loves her. However, Rahul and Tina start spending a lot of time together and find themselves being increasingly drawn to each other. Anjali attempts to be like Tina but her attempts are only met by laughter from Rahul and his friends. Anjali's carer Rifat Bi (Himani Shivpuri) encourages Anjali to tell Rahul about her feelings for him. When Anjali does so, she is heartbroken to hear that he is in fact in love with Tina. She decides to leave college without telling Rahul or Tina. When Rahul finds out, he is deeply hurt - he and Anjali share a tearful goodbye. On this day, Tina realises that Rahul and Anjali are in love and that she has come between them. Rahul and Tina get married and give birth to a baby whom they name Anjali. Tina dies after giving birth - she leaves behind eight letters for her daughter, one for each of her first eight birthdays.
Eight years later, on her eighth birthday the younger Anjali reads about Anjali Sharma and is given a mission to bring her back to her father. It is revelaed that Anjali Sharma has changed over these years - she has grown into a beautiful woman and no longer has the tomboy image. She is engaged to Aman Mehra (Salman Khan) but explains to her mother (Reema Lagoo) that she is mostly marrying him out of compromise as she has already loved (referring to Rahul) and believes she can not be in love again. The younger Anjali and her grandmother, Rahul's mother (Farida Jalal) travel to the college and learn that Anajli Sharma is to be married in a week - the little Anjali prays and the wedding is postponed to December. The two learn that Anjali Sharma is going to be working on a summer camp in Shimla so travel there in order to find her. They find her - the little Anjali shares a bond with her. When Anjali Sharma is watching television one night, she sees Rahul who says he misses his daughter, who is at summer camp - she then realises that she has met her old friend's daughter. Rahul arrives at summer camp and is overjoyed to be reunited with Anjali after all these years. They feel themselves being drawn towards each other again. One night, they are dancing in the rain and Anjali sees her engagement ring and feels bad. Coincidently, Aman arrives that night and informs Rahul that he and Anjali are getting married. Rahul is hurt by this news but expresses his happiness in front of Anjali. Anjali believes Rahul is rejecting her again so decides to leave with Aman that same day and have the wedding as soon as possible.
Rahul and his family arrive at Anjali's wedding. Rahul goes to visit Anjali one last time - Anjali still loves Rahul and cannot bear to leave him. Aman notices this - he explains his guilt for coming between what he now knows, is a fated love. He releases Anjali from their engagement. As Rahul and Anjali marry, the little Anjali has an image of Tina giving her the thumbs up.

p/s : aku sangat suka tengok SHAH RUKH KHAN dengan KAJOL dalam cerita ni, dan cerita2 lain yang dorang jadi pasangan, sebab chemistry dorang menjadi gila terbaik. heee. KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI.. heee.. enjoy guys and girls~~

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