Thursday, May 6, 2010

Personalty test

petang2 xde keje, saje jer cari personaliti test nie..


ermmm... need to know myself better kowt?

so,this is my result >>>

"Sensitive Doer"
Quiet (yes,dengan orang yang tak kenal), serious(tgk the topic), sensitive (haha, ati tisu..mmg pon) and kind(thnx,haha)

Do not like conflict and not likely to do things which may generate conflict( say no to conflict!!hahaha)

Loyal and faithful (ehhehe.betul nie,saya setia tau)

Extremely well-developed senses and aesthetic appreciation for beauty (haha,i do? i dont think so..ngaaa). 

Not interested in leading or controlling others (i think i'm quite bossy..queen control.)

Flexible and open-minded (yes i am!!).

Likely to be original and creative (setuju!!rrrrr...50~50 ehhehe) . 

Enjoy the present moment (ofcoz!!)

career yang bersesuaian plak..
Artists, musicians, composers, designers (i am,i am!!), child care workers (boleh ke jge budak2,hahah..elak aq jer yang nanges), social workers, counselors, teachers (ciez aq takleh!!), veterinarians, forest rangers, naturalists, bookkeepers (i like.. i lurve book..ngeeee), carpenters, personal service workers, clerical supervisors, secretaries, dental and medical staffers, waiters and waitresses, 
chefs (hah?? ngeee..masak megi reti la kowt), nurses, mechanics, physical therapists, x-ray technicians.

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